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Revolutionizing Senior Care: DayBreak's Free Co-op Model Guidebook

DayBreak Adult Care is thrilled to announce the launch of our free, downloadable guide for replicating services. Roger Skillin, Family Caregiver Support Manager at DayBreak, shared his enthusiasm for the guidebook, saying, "We are excited to launch our Co-op Model Guidebook, which empowers caregivers and revolutionizes senior care. We believe that by lowering costs, supporting caregivers, and building vibrant communities, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate environment for our seniors."

Check out our recent Press Release article here:

Lowering Costs, Increasing Accessibility

  • One of the central challenges in senior care is the cost. Adult Day Co-ops provide a valuable alternative by significantly reducing daily rates and staff overhead. This creates a more affordable and accessible environment for seniors in need of care. With the Co-op Model Guidebook, Adult Day Programs' can learn how to set up and manage these cost-effective care options in their communities.

Supporting Caregivers' Well-being

  • Caregivers often find themselves isolated and overwhelmed by the demands of caregiving. DayBreak's Co-op Model Guidebook addresses this issue by promoting sustainable on-site respite care options. This ensures that caregivers can take much-needed breaks while their loved ones receive the care they deserve. By reducing isolation and providing support, DayBreak aims to improve caregivers' overall well-being.

Building Strong Communities

  • Beyond providing care, Adult Day Co-ops play a pivotal role in building strong and connected communities. Community members and organizations who use the guidebook have the opportunity to join a network of Adult Day Co-ops. This collaborative approach fosters the sharing of best practices in senior care and strengthens the sense of community.

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